Explorium Denton – Global Cardboard Challenge

  Founded in 2012 by Anyah Martinez, Explorium Denton is an organization dedicated to providing valuable learning opportunities and experiences in science, technology, and the arts through hands-on exhibits, multimedia, and educational programs that inspire curiosity and creativity. Aiming to “explore, engage, and educate”, Explorium Denton strives to collaborate with educational institutions and organizations within the area to provide a “fun, educational venue in the City of Denton for families to learn and play together”.

img_5316  screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-11-10-pm

   For this year’s Denton Mini Maker Faire, Explorium Denton will be incorporating their annual Global Cardboard Challenge – an event prompting children to exercise their creative skills to construct anything of their choosing using cardboard and other various recycled materials. Designed to foster critical thinking, resourcefulness, and teamwork, the Global Cardboard Challenge provides an excellent opportunity for artistic, social, and intellectual growth among its participants.
   For more information regarding the Global Cardboard Challenge, visit http://imagination.is/our-projects/cardboard-challenge/
    To learn more about Explorium Denton: http://www.exploriumdenton.org/


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